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Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement
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  "If you want things to be different do them differently"
  Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak    
Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak

On September 21, 22, 2002, Her Excellency Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak gathered, in Sharm El Sheikh, a wide spectrum of participants, among them public figures, advocates of peace, international non governmental organizations, the United Nations and its specialized organizations, agencies and programmes and many more to reflect and come up with concrete steps for women to foster peace nationally and internationally. The "Women for Peace, Dialogue for Action" conference culminated in the launching of the Women for Peace Movement in a Declaration "Call for Action" urging women to work along side men to accelerate a culture that fosters tolerance, peace and human security in an environment that is wraught with conflicts, wars and terrorism.
As a follow up, H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak officially announced the establishment on June 16, 2003, of the "Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement", as a non profit international non governmental association in Geneva Switzerland with chapters in many parts of the world and a permanent secretariat in Cairo.

The purpose of the Movement is to reinforce the impact of the effective programmes, organizations and institutions working for a world of peace to achieve collectively the following goals:

  • Advance a coordinated gender-based global response to avert violence at all levels and pursue creative options with vigour and determination that offer viable alternatives to armed conflicts and foster greater tolerance among people.

  • Empower women to monitor and promote their increased participation as key influencers and effective change agents at all levels of political, economic and social action.

  • Engage in coalition building to foster strategic alliances that enhance strength from consolidated action.

  • Promote a shared vision of the role of women in formal and informal peace processes.

  • Ensure the involvement of women as active partners in the elaboration of international policies and action of peace.

  • Some may question, what can women do? Aren't there many agencies and associations that already exist that have tried and are still trying? Why another one?

    To these questions, I can only agree. Yes, we are many who are committed to pursue this cause for it is definitely a worthy cause.

    But, I and many who have joined me, strongly believe that women have a vested interest in preventing wars. If we, as women, have been unable to move forward in the way we would have liked to in this area, this should by no means deter us from trying again and again and finding different approaches that we believe will work.

    This association has as its main objective to link up with the multitude of organizations and agencies and peace activists that already exist, to offer a platform for all of us to join forces and strengthen the impact of individual initiatives. This is where our agenda is unique. We believe that it is only through unity and synergy that much more can be achieved.

    You will agree with me that we must keep trying, and devise new ways to open new doors. If we do nothing now, we will face our conscience in maybe having missed another opportunity for contributing to a better world - a world of peace for the coming generations.

    Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak
    Women for Peace: Dialogue for Action Conference

          Sharm El Sheikh 21-22 September 2002

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